the Neighborhood Resource Center of Fulton Hill











Take a look-see at this wonderful operation.  I’ve met the woman who started this project and secured the former vacant post office to use as the center.  Fulton Hill, a neighborhood that is in a stage of transition, desperately needed a community center as there were no other existing community resources.  Mary Lou Decossaux, executive director of the center, raised funds, and almost entirely ran the building on her own for the first couple years.  Now, the building houses multiple programs such as a Montessori school, tutoring, recording studio, scouts, and GED classes.  Every transitional neighborhood needs a centering place to bring the community together.  And, if you are part of an organization trying to accomplish a similar feat, I highly recommend contacting Ms. Decossaux for tips.


One response to “the Neighborhood Resource Center of Fulton Hill

  1. Thanks for the great post! We invite everyone to stop by the NRC anytime for a tour and some coffee. The NRC is one of the most innovative nonprofits in Richmond. In addition to the programs listed above, we’re set to open a cafe this summer. The cafe will feature the organic fruits and vegetables grown in the Fulton Hill Learning Garden, a partnership with Tricycle Gardens. The cafe/garden program not only provides healthy foods in an otherwise urban “food desert, ” but will also offer classes in nutrition, and create jobs and apprenticeships in the community. The grassroots organization owns and operates the center; there is no rent to pay and administration is small. It’s a highly efficient organization that relies mostly on individual donations and grants. Stop by!

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