most unique house in Richmond

Once upon a time, there was a quiet little bungalow situated neatly in the transitional neighborhood of Montrose Heights…


Until this devious duo came along (enter Rebecca Fralin and Dean MacGuigan)…


Who plotted to turn the innocent little arts and crafts house…


Into a modern and marvelous home!








I have never seen such a combination of styles, but this couple pulled it off.  While walking through the house, there is little break from the old section to the new – the artisans who helped complete this house used the same cherry inlay throughout the house, making one room easily flow into the next.  Rebecca and Dean also managed to throw old and new pieces into every room, such as a traditional armoire next to a modern, poured concrete fireplace.  

Rebecca and Dean not only designed and completed this house in a few years, but also actively participate in the neighborhood’s well-being by heading up the neighborhood watch.


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