suburbanites vs. urbanites: war of the mindset?

I phrase this title so contentiously due to a recent entry of John and Sherry Petersik’s Richmond-area blog “This Young House.”  Their entry, Burning Question: Cul De Sacked?, set off a plethora of responses split vigorously between two ideals.  Virginia lawmakers are talking of not allowing developers to create communities with cul-de-sacs.  And, reading the divided responses is fascinating.  There is an obvious split of urbanites and suburbanites, not simply based on preferences for grids vs. winding roads, but based on deeper held ideals.  From reading the responses, suburbanites held up ideals of quiet and safe neighborhoods brought about by low-trafficked roads and cul-de-sacs.  Urbanites, on the other hand, were waving flags of protest due to sprawl, sustainability, and social segregation.

Do you classify yourself as an urbanite or suburbanite?  What do you uphold as some of your core ideals and why?  Oh, and, if you don’t mind, also list your generation (Y, X, Baby Boomer, Silent, Greatest…).


6 responses to “suburbanites vs. urbanites: war of the mindset?

  1. Okay, I’ll go.

    trans-urbanite. I reside in the 4th district, I live in Richmond, I’m a citizen of the region and state. My personal and professional obligations take me through Chesterfield, Hanover and Henrico also, often more than half my day. That makes me vested in those localities also. If someone wants to split hairs, I’m not talking about shoppng, I’m talking about helping businesses in those localities be more effective and successful. I’m hardly unique in this.

    Ideals? A golden rule-ist. Was taught that we like to learn but hate to be taught, we like to buy and hate to be sold. And nobody likes change, unless it’s their idea. My meager life experience has been about walking those razor blades to help where I can.

    I’m a Joneser – 3 weeks younger than Obama.

  2. Any idea what happened to the “This Young House” blog? The link is dead. Sounds like a fascinating exchange.

    • gentrifyrichmond

      Jason, I’ve redone the link. It should be working now for you. Their home page is

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  4. It’s a myth that the the state of Virginia (VDOT) is coming up with regulations that will not allow new cul-de-sacs to be built. First, the new subdivision street acceptance requirements, which go into effect July 1, only apply to to counties where VDOT maintains all the roads (all but Arlington and Henrico). Second, developers will still be able to build cul-de-sacs, just not as many of them, because a minimum number of street connections with adjacent subdivisions (and many exceptions apply) will be required. It will no longer be possible to build a subdivision that will always have only one way in and out. The main reason for this is to reduce demand on arterial roads by allowing local traffic to remain on local roads, thereby saving taxpayers money that would otherwise have to be spent widening arterials. See

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