condos at the Six Points

HP high school

This old public school building, located at the six points in Highland Park, has been turned into condos.  While the building is fantastic and the idea is good, it may be a few years early.  When I tried to find some information on this project, I came up with zilch.  Does anyone have information on these condos?


3 responses to “condos at the Six Points

  1. The RPS page for Highland Park Public School says that “the property is currently being used as a high-rise for the elderly.” Calder Loth gives the name of the redevelopment as “Brookland Park Plaza”. Another document indicates that this is affordable housing for “elderly, disabled only”.

    That building is on the National Register of Historic Places (PDF).

    Here is a very cool period photo of the building.

  2. gentrifyrichmond

    Thanks, John! You must have an encyclopaedic brain! Very impressed.

  3. Actually it was being used as condos for elderly. But it was many years too early. Now the major of the units are owned by someone in New York. CAPS had to go in and wrote the owner for about 40 code violations. She rents mainly to Section 8. There also a serious drug problem there.

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