have I gotten in over my head?

There comes a time when a new owner of a home in a transitional neighborhood asks, “Have I gotten in over my head?”  We hit this moment in our third month of living in our home.  There was a crazy night and I will sum up the important details: there was a fight a few houses down the street.  Multiple neighbors called the Richmond Police Department.  The fight quickly died down, but, after twenty minutes of waiting, no police showed.  My husband and I got tired of waiting around and left, as we had somewhere to be.  We were one block away from our house and a cop pulled us over, asking what we were doing in our neighborhood.  (I would like to note here that this police officer is not one from our district).  Once we explained to him that we lived there, he let us go.  Thirty minutes later, a neighbor called me to let me know that one of the people involved in the fight had left, come back with a gun, and shot someone at the house down the street.  We have never quite had a night like this again, but it seems that the first warm weekend of spring usually allows for one crazy night in our neighborhood.  But, compared to this couple just highlighted in the Times-Dispatch, I guess my experience pales. 


What crazy “am I in over my head” moments have you had in your neighborhood?


4 responses to “have I gotten in over my head?

  1. Our moment was with the house more than the neighborhood. It has all worked out in the long run, it has just taken longer than we thought back when we completely ignorant.

    Looking for context for and trying to make sense of the raggedy WTF moments around us was my reason for starting CHPN.

  2. swingbattabatta

    Are you in the 4th precinct, Sector 2?

    I’ve had horrible things happen on my block (murders, attempted murder, drugs deals, random strangers passed out on my front lawn, etc.). Unfortunately, this is why my house came at such a cheap price.

    I was hoping the area would be revitalized quicker. In fact, I’d bought a home in this area for that reason. As of now, crime statistics have gotten worse.

    Last week my neighbor stole my weed eater. I was working in the front yard. He jumped the fence of my backyard to abscond with my property. (B@stard!) During the daylight hours, while I was working int he front yard!

    What did I do? I called the police. I call the police every darn time. I make myself visible to the community. I sit on my porch, befriend the neighbors and share a cold beverage on a nice evening now and then. I leave my porch lights on every evening, blah, blah, stuff like that (FYI. . .Police nabbed the teen and I am possession of my weed eater).

    You know it’s going to be a bad day when your house is on the morning news with crime scene tape attached to your house, sectoring off the neighbor’s yard. You’re not in over your head. Embrace the ruckus; you have the power to change your community. Think of it this way, you’ll never run out of stories to tell.

    It’s all good in the ‘hood.

  3. My first week in Richmond, in a rented place in the Fan, there was a murder down the street that involved drugs, a shooting, and a burning car. The shooter went to prison for life. That same week an ambulance came to tend to a man who was passed out drunk in the alley. That was 14 years ago, and nothing remotely similar has happened to me since, despite living in the city (Fan and Northside) the entire time. Who can explain it?

  4. I moved into my ‘hood about 5 years ago. There was a Section 8 house across the street and on the first day of the Spring there was a gun battle. The guys were running between the house running and shooting and each other. They didn’t hit each other.

    That’s when I decided I wasn’t going let someone else “tell” me where I was going to live. I’m doing what I’m suppose to be doing, they are not. So I not at friendly to anyone that is not. I’m friendly with people that add something postive. If they don’t they are my sh** list.

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