I am not in over my head: halfway houses

When I found out my next-door neighbor was a halfway house, I immediately panicked.  But, I really didn’t need to be so dramatic.  They were exceptional neighbors and I discovered that I was not in over my head.  To date, I have not posted anything controversial, but here goes:  the crackers in Churchill need to calm down.  I know the words “sex offender” scare everyone, but perhaps some research into how these houses are run might alleviate a few upset people.  Just to qualify my perspective on these homes: I am responder #19.



3 responses to “I am not in over my head: halfway houses

  1. The issue I have with ACH is that there were four sex offenders living at the house in southside between December and February. Someone posted about it on one of the smaller neighborhood blogs in March, all four disappeared from the 23225 list, and now there are four sex offenders living in Church Hill in a different property owned by the same guy. Granted, I haven’t looked up the four names, but the SHOUTY LADY obviously did, and listed offenses that *are* the same. That looks to me like they’re being shunted around as soon as the neighbors find out they’re there, not like the guy wants to make his plans clear.

    You can “research” sex offenders all you want, but when you’re looking between your own two-year-old and someone whose offense list includes raping a child, it’s rather difficult to imagine living comfortably next door. The reaction is visceral, not intellectual. I’m going to guess your urban pioneer oasis doesn’t include anyone little enough not to be able to protect himself.

  2. Part of the issue for some folks is the presence of the sex offenders, the larger issue is the boarding houses. I can speak with some familiarity on the 2nd piece and what that tends to mean in my particular neighborhood – which are transients, drugs, and prostitutes. It is very easy to imagine that sex offenders would make for better neighbors.

    Our block and the adjacent blocks each had a boarding house when we moved in. One had some sort of day care operating out of the downstairs and prostitutes living in the rest of the house. A lot of early morning traffic and then later a lot of different traffic. This house was eventually bought by an investor and restored.

    Another, a huge victorian, had folks living upstairs, downstairs, and in the basement. We used to see untended kids (4 or 5 years old) climbing in and out of the basement windows. The house eventually burned one night, sat vacant for years, was finally fixed back up, and has now become a single family home.

    A third house on the next corner down had a revolving crew of dudes living in the house and hanging around out front. This house quieted down somewhat after a double homicide one evening. This is still a rental property, but has not been a problem.

    As with the prostitutes, I understand that there are larger societal issues at work here. Folks need affordable housing, maybe have addictions, maybe don’t have much of an education. I am sympathetic to a point, and frustrated much past that.

  3. JC the reason they filled back and forth to different addresses is cause there was a issue with the plumbing. The only reason I know this is cause I live near one of the houses.

    Would my first choice to have one of those houses next to me? No. Would I rather live next to them, then to a house full of ‘baby mamma’ which I currently have. At least at their house they have rules they do enfore.

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