My cynicism is getting the better of me tonight… today has been interesting.

Scene #1, act #1: My local Chevron.  I am pumping my gas, when two juveniles riding a scooter, come to fill up next to me.  They leave the scooter on while filling the tank and are smoking a joint.  To TOP IT OFF, they overflow the tank, spilling (flammable) gas everywhere.  I leave quickly, deciding my life is not to be ended in bursts of flames.

Scene #2, act#1: My street.  The new neighbors on the next block are letting their three children (all under the age of five) ride their bikes up and down the street on a Monday night past 11:00 p.m.  This same street hosts a drug house where the patrons never ride under 40 m.p.h.  The kids are screaming loud enough that I can hear them above the fan in my room.  I’ve called the police by 11:20, deciding my next day at work will not be overshadowed by a sleepless night.


2 responses to “darwinism

  1. Call Uncle Leo (police), they are past curfew. Regarding the gas station glad it didn’t blow up with you there.

  2. gentrifyrichmond

    SAVING moment of that day: I came across Northside’s “Beanie”. He cleans streets in the area with his trash-claw and cart. Apparently, he’s been highlighted for his efforts. He lives pretty far (by foot) from my neighborhood, so I was encouraged to see how much he cares for an area.

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