Since I have lived in my transitional neighborhood, I have become very aware of my surroundings, and, on the catastrophic nights, have fallen prey to NIMBYism.  As most people reading this blog probably are aware, NIMBY stands for “not in my backyard” mentality.  And, while the term can apply to those who won’t let things such as power lines disgrace their yard’s presence, I’m focusing my nimbyism toward activities such as drug dealing, prostitution, and a certain club that opened in December and has been causing hell to reign on my life every weekend…  Was I ranting?  Ahem. 

I’m wondering if some nimbyism is necessary, or even good.  When I speak with outside people (those who live in quiet,  happy places) now about the activities that happen in my neighborhood, I get stark reactions.  Some of the things that roll off my tongue now seem almost normal.  Is nimbyism necessary to stave off apathy in bettering a neighborhood?  There probably needs to be a balance, but where does that balance lie?  In my house, my husband is “Mr. Nimby” and I am “Mrs. It’s Not That Bad and it Will Get Better”.  I have my moments, but I usually end up doing something about them, sometimes doing something too drastic.

How do you deal with the conflicting views, either internally or interpersonally?


3 responses to “nimbyism

  1. I’ve got a little spiel for the ladies working the corner. I go up and introduce myself, and then let them know that we’ve had issues with prostitutes and warn them that if they stay on the corner that someone might *accidentally* assume they are hookers and call the police or whatever. They usually get a little defensive but move on.

  2. Funny John,

    Have you ever tried asking a homeless guy for a dollar?

  3. Nimbyism is fine.

    Some places could even use a little Bronsonism.

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