my ghetto name

Is not Peanut.  I took the Facebook quiz, and, much to my dismay, my ghetto name was declared to be Peanut.  I, allegedly, am everybody’s cousin, and can rally up a group when there’s trouble.  I don’t normally take Facebook quizzes, but recently took two since the quizzes related so well to my neighborhood.  I discovered that, according to the other quiz, the criminal activity that suits me best is drug dealing.  I am doing everything in my power to shut the drug house on my street, and I would apparently make a good dealer.  Maybe I should think on a career change…

I have decided on my own ghetto name, directly stolen from a porch party story.  The name is La-a.  Ten points to the person who can figure out the pronunciation! (and, no, Rick, you are not allowed to give it away!)


2 responses to “my ghetto name

  1. Maybe you should go undercover, and take them down from the inside!

  2. gentrifyrichmond

    Oh, fine – no takers. The name La-a is pronounced Ladasha.

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