the homeless man and the homeless cat

At my local Chevron station, there is an elderly, homeless man that spends his day patrolling the parking lot, and he sometimes can be seen at the Burger King or Captain D’s next door.  He’s almost iconic, and very quiet.  If you turn him away once when he asks for money, he remembers, and never asks again. 

Some months ago, I was filling up my car, and I heard a most pathetic cat mew.  I looked around the pump to see this man digging in the trash.  The homeless cat was impatiently mewing at him.  After a minute, he pulled out a Captain D’s wrapper, unwrapped the remains of a fish sandwich, and placed it on the ground for the loud, homeless cat. 

This morning, the homeless cat sat on the step in front of the gas station door mewing so loudly that every customer kept looking over at him.  I bought a can of potted meat (minimal gas station selection), opened it, and placed it on the ground next to the cat.  He sniffed my hand, but then kept on mewing.  Despite my attempt to get him to eat the meat, he just kept on mewing, and walked toward the back of the gas station.  I think he just wanted his homeless friend.  After I left, I had a saddening thought that perhaps the elderly man had passed away somewhere, leaving the homeless cat to be the only one that mourned his passing.


One response to “the homeless man and the homeless cat

  1. Are you trying to make me cry?

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