crime scene 101

crime scene

So, this was my house last night… all this for a homicide at the other end of the block.  The homicide, which had neighbors worried at first, is showing signs of a domestic incident. 

Mr. Nimby, one of my husband’s personalities, popped up again.  At first, there was no clear indication that the incident wasn’t random, and he was worrying for our safety.  Then, he discussed how living with crime down the street is humiliating.  He had an unfiltered plethora of emotions to share, all sparked by the crime scene on our street.  Our neighbors also called, trying to share or get information, and sharing some similar emotions.  I felt none of these emotions.  I was unconcerned for our safety and said that it would turn out to be a domestic dispute.  The neighborhood’s single murder last year was domestic. 

For those also living in transitional communities, how does crime affect you?  Does crime that won’t personally affect you (as opposed to burglary, robbery, or random murder) influence the way you feel about your neighborhood?


One response to “crime scene 101

  1. living in a trailer, while everyone else you know and like has a proper house, is humiliating.

    living in the vicinity of regular criminality is certainly frightening but I do not see the shame in doing so.

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