“gentrification is not a dirty word”

East Cleveland, the first suburb of Cleveland, is now one of the poorest and most crime ridden cities within the Cleveland area.  The Cleveland area is home to multiple municipalities which do not share resources, much less cooperation.  This is a larger issue which compounds to the inability to form a cohesive revitalization plan in the area.

East Cleveland, was home to part of Millionaire’s Row in the late 1800s, a stretch of Euclid Avenue that ran from Cleveland Proper (City of Cleveland) into East Cleveland.  Rockefeller’s home was on this stretch, but the row was turned into boarding houses in the Great Depression, and most have since been demolished.  There are now eighteen of these original houses left in East Cleveland and only 6 in Cleveland Proper.

In the mid-80s, East Cleveland changed their form of government after years of embezzlement (sound familiar, Richmond?) and voted in their first mayor.  Their new mayor, Gary Norton, has grand revitalization plans for the city and, unlike his predecessors, has the support of the council and multiple power players in the greater Cleveland area.  He also hopes to revitalize swaths of abandoned houses by attracting middle income residents to the area.  Norton has declared that “gentrification is not a dirty word.”  East Cleveland can easily support an influx of new residents without replacing the current ones.  Read the entire story: http://blog.cleveland.com/metro/2010/02/new_mayor_gary_norton_hopes_to.html.


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