a new crack house

ARGH!  Just as soon as one quiets down, another rises to take its spot.  However, unlike the first house that dispensed nose candy on my street, this story has a positive side. 

One of the rental houses on the next block had been inhabited by an elderly lady for some time, and she recently vacated the house.  The owner spent a few months fixing up the house, even replacing the front porch.  Last weekend, a neighbor on that block approached me to let me know it had become a crack house.  He lives with his small child next door to the rental property.  He said he would be willing to call the owner if I could get the owner’s name from the City’s website. 

Later that night, I sat on my front porch to watch the show to make certain that this was indeed a house where pharamceuticals were being dispensed.  Within 30 minutes, I had seen multiple cars making pick up rounds, only to show back up 20 minutes later.  The very next day, another elderly neighbor from that block approached me to tell me about the house.  He had already told a police officer, but wondered if I could also contact the RPD. 

Maybe it’s not so bad, then, to be the visible neighbor that isn’t afraid to call the police.  The first time I had decided to take action about a drug house on my street was when the dealer threatened my neighbor in front of me.


One response to “a new crack house

  1. See, *that* is a neighborhood coming together. How cool.

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