RPD’s Special Investigation Division: inept or tied up by Council’s stats demands?

I’ve waited a year to post this.  I’ve known multiple people in my neighborhood to be jerked around by the Richmond Police Department’s SID unit.  One of the functions of this unit is to investigate (you guessed it!) drug operations. 

Before I run with this rant, I’d like to note that I have a lot of respect for my sector police, and the current Lieutenant.  They do a stellar job given the resources allotted, and I want to commend them for their recent efforts in becoming a part of this neighborhood. 

The experience has not been the same with SID.  I leaked information on a drug operation for a year, and when I asked for a response from SID as to whether this was still being investigated, SID showed up at the drug house, performed a consented search through the house (which does not require drug dogs or going through the house thoroughly), and told the dealer that neighbors were concerned that he was operating a drug ring!  Even though I was sold out, the drug dealer stopped all his operations from that house. 

Now, I have neighbors who are trying to get rid of a crack house on their street (not the new one on mine), and SID has told them that reporting known users and dealers’ frequent stops at this house is not relevant, and not illegal. 

So, if drugs are not going to be legalized, yet we who live near these houses have to deal with the crap that goes along with a crack house (because, believe me, there is nothing neighborly about what these people do), what options are we given?  Is there an avenue that forces SID to act?  Are there better options for either forcing the operation out, or forcing them to at least act neighborly?


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