what would you do to get rid of a crack house?

Since the advent of the crack house on my street, we have had a robbery and a property crime within a month’s span (and, no, this is not the norm).  Does anyone have suggestions as to how to get rid of this house, which is attracting new criminals to make use of my street?  Keep in mind that we may not get real help from the Special Investigation Division of our PD.  Any suggestions are welcome!

UPDATE:  After taking a leap and speaking with the owner of the house, it does appear that he has spoken with the renter.  There was no drug traffic over the weekend.  Another neighbor on that block is planning on sending an anonymous letter soon, just to ensure that the halt on drug trafficking there isn’t temporary.


3 responses to “what would you do to get rid of a crack house?

  1. Get more people involved. But before you do RPD and the other departments have to agree they going to work wtih you. Cause if you people involved and then the City comes back says Oh we can’t do that instead of say what they can do…..those people you begged to get involved will walk away.

  2. BeenThroughThat

    Track down the ownership of the property. More than likely, it’s a landlord that isn’t aware or doesn’t care. Either way, that landlord is liable to lose the property if they allow such activities to occur.

    • gentrifyrichmond

      BeenThroughThat: Funny you should mention this. I contacted the owner early this week, and he has already talked with the new renter. The landlord had an excellent tenant previously, and takes good care of the property, so, when he said that he “would take care of it,” I am hopeful that he will.

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