summer in the city

What I love about summer in the city:

  • The smell and burst of hot air from the buses when walking down a sidewalk,
  • Walking around the neighborhood and finally seeing neighbors I didn’t know were there,
  • Jawing with neighbors for hours on end when we go walking,
  • Seeing drying laundry on a sleeping porch,
  • Seeing all the old men clubs on front porches (I LOVE them: cards, booze, and a small grill complete their daily summer routine.  What a way to retire!),
  • Walking to my park and pool (which doesn’t open until school is out!  I am so impatient.),
  • Drawing hopscotch on my sidewalk and watching the kids use it when walking by my house,
  • Being so close to Belle Isle,
  • Being out late on the warm nights (outside venues/porches a must), and
  • Lounging lazily on my front porch.

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