the 10 p.m. rule

The 10 p.m. rule is followed pretty universally in my neighborhood.  Even drug dealers, now fewer and farther between, respect the 10 p.m. rule.  As our houses are foursquare, and mostly stucco, noise can be an issue through the permeable walls.  Our hood is quiet after 10 p.m.  There may be the occasional boom-boom car, but you can expect to enjoy a good night’s sleep here. 

Much to my dismay, I was at a porch party recently and it took a few of us neighbors to quiet a couple people from other Richmond neighborhoods!  If a drug dealer can follow the 10 p.m. rule, then surely anyone (no matter the BAC level) can follow this rule.  This was a first for a few of us who have, in the past, griped about loud cars, fights from a now-closed club, and loud dealers on the street.  Now, we have to worry about people we are inviting to our own parties!  Go figure…


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