nuisance neighbors: still searching for ideas

A family was placed by some social services group into a home in our neighborhood.  There are around 12-13 people existing (not living) in the house.  The dog has since been taken by animal control after being repeatedly beaten.  The kids (around 6-7 of them) are beaten daily, and, like Lord of the Flies, they turn on one another.  The oldest child in the house, around 12 years of age, has a one-year old that she carries on her hip while riding a broken bike. 

Neighbors on that street have been contacting social services and authorities, to no avail.  The family was temporarily removed as they were stealing electricity.  But, a nearby church only added to the chaos by donating them money, bikes (now all broken), and, apparently, cell phones.  The kids run around the neighborhood, tripping in front of cars, throwing trash about, screaming and getting into fights.  The adults do the same, but manage to confine their behavior to within 100 feet of the house.  Cavemen lived better than this.  I’ve watched Savage Messiah, and the children from this house are similarly developed.  They have the skills of pack wolves and nothing more.  What does it take to get Social Services to act?


4 responses to “nuisance neighbors: still searching for ideas

  1. The girl with the baby is 13. The oldest kid there is about 14 old boy. I have seen the kids all over neighborhood going through allies picking through trash cans. Yesterday I saw one of the girl carring a small TV she found in someone’s trash. Today when I came home from work they left TV in my parking pad in the back. I pick the TV up dump it back in their yard.

    What really bugs me there is two grown men in that house that appear to be physically able, and they do nothing all day long but iron their shirts on the upstairs back porch.

    The adults are always clean neatly dress while the children run around barefoot and caked in dirt.

  2. There never leaving. They are like a bad rash one gets when overseas. The City is letting them stay there.

  3. They have added two more. The 18 month’s baby daddy. Another old bring the grand total to 13 or 13 people.

  4. Well just an update the baby’s daddy beat the hell out of the 16 year old. Blacken one of her eyes. The police showed up real quick and arrested. The baby’s daddy looked to be in his late teens or early twenties.

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