richmond’s food deserts

As someone who can only purchase liquor, cigarettes, or a prostitute’s services within walking distance, I live in a food desert.  Each weekend, my husband and I drive to the suburbs to get our groceries for the week.  I would love to be paying sales tax within my city, but it isn’t possible.  We have a big building only a few blocks from us that would make an excellent mid-size grocery.  Maybe in 20 years it will finally be a reality…


2 responses to “richmond’s food deserts

  1. Please help me with this term “food desert”. There are 4 grocery stores that I can think of within a 5 mile radious from this neighborhood. (2 Krogers, 1 Martins, and 1 Super Walmart) One of those Krogers is within walking distance–not that I have done that, mind you. But a couple of my neighbors have, and there is one “neighborhood market” but I don’t go there because the never have anything I am looking for. That building on north would be nothing more that a “neighborhood market”, based on its size and parking availability. I hear this term all the time, but I don’t see how it applies to the north side. Unless you of course have no mode of transportation, and it today’s world, I don’t see how you could survive at all without it.

  2. gentrifyrichmond

    Many people here are dependent on public transportation. A young, healthy person could easily make the walk to Kroger, but only be expected to carry back a few bags, definitely not enough for a week. There is also no direct bus route down Lombardy. A person would have to take the bus to downtown, then hop on a bus up Broad. That would take an hour to reach a grocer only two miles away.

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