nuisance neighbors: round three

Ok, so I’ve mentioned that, a street over, Social Services placed a “family” into a home that would make the Simpsons’ lives appear healthy and emotionally balanced.  Anywho, about a month ago, a neighbor let me know that one of the girls took something from our front porch just a few minutes previously.  I figured out she had taken our bucket of sidewalk chalk, which we leave there for kids on our block to use.  She was still playing in a nearby parking lot, so I walked over and talked with her. 

Our conversation was pretty one-sided with me letting her know she could play with the chalk anytime she wanted, but to return it when she was done.  I was placing her at about 11 years old (she’s 12), and she hung her head the whole time and never responded.  I realized this was not engaging, so I stuck out my hand and introduced myself and asked her name.  She looked up, completely surprised (in a good way), and shook my hand, saying her name was “Tasha.”  Five minutes later, she returned the chalk. 

A few weeks later, I stopped over at the house as the kids were outside (yes, they were all supposed to be in school – there was no half-day).  Ahem.  I thanked Tasha for returning the chalk, and chatted with all the girls for a few minutes.  I gathered that they were bored, and they asked me if I would take them to the park.  We agreed to go later at 4 p.m. since I had work to finish from home.  I spent almost two hours with most of the girls, with the exception of the oldest and one of the younger girls.  And, I carried the oldest girl’s (16) toddler on my hip to give the other two sisters (who, obviously, are always given this chore) a break.  They were all well-behaved, and we had a good time.  I met the grandma and mother of all the kids and was polite.  If I’d told the mom what I really thought of the way they treated these kids, I probably wouldn’t get the chance to talk with them again.  So, I’ve decided that, for now, I would rather be a positive influence for the kids (when I can) and just mentally smack the crap out of that mom for being an abusive parent.


One response to “nuisance neighbors: round three

  1. gentrifyrichmond

    Update: this family is gone. The landlord kicked them out toward the end of last year after they destroyed his house. Upon leaving, they also took some of the owner’s items with them. I’ve heard they relocated not far from our neighborhood.

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