the bad and the christmassy…

bad: B&Es have been up, WAY up, in our little area (but violent crime has been non-existent).  Thankfully, alarms have done their job, and few B&Es have resulted in successful burglaries.  After the first round of burglaries, some neighbors rallied to go on a few safety walks at scattered times for a few weeks.  We picked up litter on a few of the walks, and had large enough groups to make a statement. 

While drug dealing has been down on my street, we now have new neighbors on the worst block of the neighborhood.  There are 3 notorious drug houses on that block.  These new neighbors should be a great anchor, and are motivated to help clean up the block.  When the weather warms, we will be extending our safety walks and litter pickups to target that block.  There are more plans in the works for combatting drug houses, and I will give an update later as the plans unfold.

christmassy: I was able to give cookies to a neighbor I had not yet previously met the other night.  Our lawn got a leaf-blowing treatment from a generous donor and it took about a week of playing detective to discover the Secret Santa!  He lives in a duplex four doors down.  I met the couples of both homes there on my delivery mission.  They are quiet, and rarely are outside except to go to and from work.


One response to “the bad and the christmassy…

  1. gentrifyrichmond

    I also received some homemade “juice” from a grandma up the street after I rescued each of her dogs within a two-week span, starting on Christmas Eve (just seeing them loose and catching them until she got home).

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