richmond’s finest get something right!

RPD’s Special Investigation Division has been working on the worst block in our neighborhood for some time.  Two houses were declared nuisance properties, and multiple indictments have been served.  The block in question is just behind a Burger King on Chamberlayne and always had a longer drive-thru line than the BK.  Just a few of the houses kept that block in horrible shape (and unsafe).  With that block cleared, all of the neighborhood’s internal blocks are not only safe, but liveable. 

I’ve made a point of jogging the perimeter of our neighborhood when I have the time to go for a run.  The perimeter consists of two rundown commercial corridors that can appear less than safe (most of the time, it’s just the appearance and not the actuality).  I should note that my jogging has been dubbed “the senior shuffle” and is probably more pathetic than impressive.  But, I feel I am making a statement (marking the territory, if you will) that I have no fear of my streets or whomever may be on them.


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