is richmond #1 in homicides?

Anyone have the answer?  We’ve dropped down to under 40 a year, and somehow we have the most homicides per capita in the U.S.?

From John M., a look at Richmond’s crime drop since the mid 90s:


3 responses to “is richmond #1 in homicides?

  1. I think that’s a typo, should read Richmond CA.

  2. transitionalneighborhoodlowdown

    The author writes out Richmond, Virginia.

  3. transitionalneighborhoodlowdown

    Emailed this to U.S. News and World Report:

    This question is for Danielle Kurtzleben, regarding the recent story “The 11 Most Dangerous Cities.”

    It was noted in the story that Richmond, Virginia had the highest murder rate in 2009. I checked this on the FBI’s Crime in the United States page . The story should possibly read that Richmond, California has the highest murder rate (according to the FBI’s page, about double that of Richmond, Virginia) instead of Richmond, Virginia.

    2009 FBI Statistics:
    Richmond CA – 47 murders for a population of 102,566
    Richmond VA – 37 murders for a population of 203,233

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