virginia abc store: hood style

Does your Virginia ABC store have bulletproof glass and unperusable aisles?  Does your Virginia ABC store contribute to nuisance issues by carrying the mostly (and sometimes only) smaller versions of liquor (especially the hotel-size options) for patrons to discard the black bags and bottles all over your yard?  Is your ABC store parking lot left without surveillance so that dealers and prostitutes can easily deliver their goods and services on the premises (even during operating hours)?  NO?  Well, then you haven’t enjoyed one of Virginia ABC’s finer establishments that fully encompasses Virginia ABC’s mission statement:

“To control the distribution of alcoholic beverages; operate efficient, conveniently located retail outlets; enforce the laws of the Commonwealth pertaining to alcoholic beverages and youth access to tobacco products; and provide excellent customer service, a reliable source of revenue, and effective public safety.”

*This ABC venue’s retail employees do, in fact, provide excellent customer service and are in no way responsible for the larger issues at this location.*


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