Neighbors: Know when to strike

Bad neighbors: we are talking about the ones who beat their kids (yes, we’ve called CPS), filter drugs, spend hours yelling out on the street, try to pick fights, etc.

These neighbors will usually be temporary, especially if they are renters. However, you have to know when to strike. While you wait for the opportune time, here are some things that will help when the time comes: rack up calls to the police on the address (always use the address as you can request calls for service to a particular address); if kids are involved and it is warranted, call child protective services; if they are renters, there are laws in many states that hold the homeowner responsible if the owner knows about drug blight, so forward copies of calls for service/ arrest records to the owner by certified mail (and save the certification notice if you need to meet with your DA’s office later).

Sometimes, the gods will shine upon you, and the electric company will turn off this neighbor’s power after the neighbor used everyone’s name in the household to restart the service. Then, sometimes they will shine brighter when the electric company takes away the box because said neighbor rigged up a line and stole the electricity. Then, you simply have to make the city aware, and the property is condemned and said neighbors are escorted out of the house. Then, a peaceful calm will descend upon your street, and a few neighbors will let you know they are glad because they suspect you had something to do with the disappearance of said neighbor. I do apologize to whomever encounters this neighbor next, but the opportunity had to be taken!


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