how to: not burn out

Almost two years after cleaning out the last drug houses and shutting down a club that was surrounded with violence, we have been riding easy! In fact, many of us who worked so hard to improve the neighborhood have enjoyed a respite from any large neighborhood projects: a much needed break. The creativity is starting to spring back to life with new park and public relations efforts (is the same neighborhood? ;)), but for a year and a half, a lot of us have been doing the bare minimum to ensure the neighborhood stays safe. But, what did we do with that time?

We found our sanity. For me, the break couldn’t have come at a better time – new jobs meant more time at work (and more money) for my husband and me. We exchanged fun parties with many neighbors, completed major house renovations, and did some traveling. Our focus went inward, and I started passing up neighborhood projects to focus on my own home. The best thing we did to overcome the burnout was to look to move away from the neighborhood! We had our realtor and a neighborhood small business owner (painting company) do a walk through of our house to determine what was needed to make it sell-ready. We got the house all fixed up, and fell back in love with it! So, for now, we are staying, and I’m ready to let RVA know what our neighborhood has become!


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