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vision for Brookland Park Boulevard

There have been many plans hatched (and, subsquently, never developed) for Richmond’s Brookland Park Boulevard. Most of these plans have been for a grand redevelopment without the necessary funding or even a startup plan. It’s time for something a bit smaller in which the entire community can participate (read: volunteer for a day) to make the Boulevard a better place.

In November, I read this story, in which the first example showcases local residents who painted murals of viable storefronts and restaurants on their neglected business corridor, and within a year, it came true.

Recently, and more locally, Richmond’s Storefront for Community Design worked with local associations to brighten up sections of business corridors. Style Weekly highlights the work that was done on one block of Broad Street here.


npr story: gentrification may help longtime residents

This story, from NPR, explores a study that shows many longtime residents are not displaced during the gentrification process.


It’s time to show my pride for my neighborhood. Some time ago, I found complete peace with telling “outsiders” where I live (in a city where people are judged based on address, and not occupation).

I want to encourage my neighbors to take pride in their choice to stake a claim here: no more making excuses to people who give a negative reaction to our neighborhood. We chose to live here, it was not our only option. We all saw something in this neighborhood that spoke to us. Whatever that was, we should embrace it!

chocolate city becoming vanilla

From NPR’s Cities in Transition series is a look at how Washington D.C. is quickly gentrifying into a city where the black population will soon be a minority.